Exciting things around the corner

Well it looks like we're ramping up in anticipation of a few things, we will soon be releasing our first single off of the new album(s) in about a week. Accompanying the single will be some beautifully done play through…

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Album #3 Drum Tracking Teasers

Hey everyone,

To keep you posted, we have been recording guitars and bass for the new album. It's been a super fun/tough/unnatural experience thus far, it's only going to get even more bizarre once we move onto effects and…

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Interview with From The Depths Entertainment

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Sleeping In Traffic” and is there any meaning behind it? 

Ryan Berehulke (bass) and Greg Turner (guitar) had previously…

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Does the Bass hang low?

Hey everyone, 

Sorry for our lack of blog posts. We've been meaning to keep up on this but our attention has been on finishing our album! We are in the final stages of mixing and getting the album prepared for…Read more

Rock N Roll, Man

So, my friends!

For any of you paying close attention, the work on the record continues. And here's proof! It is certainly slow-going with the breaks we keep taking to play awesome shows with awesome bands. But totally worth it…Read more

Attention: Music Construction Zone Ahead

Hey everyone!

It looks like we've finally got things rolling on a brand new album, and the recording process is well underway! I'm ecstatic to get the chance to share all this new material, it's so hard not to show…Read more

Welcome to the Site

Hello everyone and welcome to our brand new website!

We're proud to offer you a place to discover us, check up on us, listen to our tunes, and interact with us! Sign up for the mailing list or check in…Read more