1. Not Your Fault

From the recording Feminism


We know the words
The narrative
What we’re taught to say

What were they wearing?
What time of day?
Irrelevant questions
Seeking wrongful blame

Let’s crack this reeking lie wide open
The one which places guilt on those that suffer
A lie the wronged believe
Raised with warped thoughts interweaved
Perpetrators walk free by mistakes of our society

More than just see justice done
We seek this culture overcome
The victims of the future may be saved before their time!

Is not the sole realm
Of soldiers

On repeat
To whom we speak

It’s not your fault
It’s never your fault
We believe you
We believe, believe

Dragged into probing light
Those brave enough to call
It isn’t the truth you’ll find
Within a court of law

Nothing to lose
Believing those
Who’ve been through hell
They never chose