From the recording Feminism


Leave this guilt, it has no place
Here missteps we must embrace
Humbly learn from hard fought lives

Undermine the structures that oppress
Reclaim this space for voices to express

We seek to be a part of the cause
Modest in knowledge of our gifted birth
We’ve come not to waste your time
For your liberation is bound up with mine!
So we shall listen, and you may speak your mind to us,
through us to those who do not
May we amplify and not eclipse
We are the moon that reflects the sun
Only shining when there is none
Till return of the light of day

We strive for alliance
Knowing acts outweigh our words
Though privilege can free us
We maintain
A vigilance in all our efforts
For freedom must be all or nothing

Our intent has no place
Our impact leaves its trace
What changes we could make
Were we to all awake