Rock N Roll, Man

So, my friends!

For any of you paying close attention, the work on the record continues. And here's proof! It is certainly slow-going with the breaks we keep taking to play awesome shows with awesome bands. But totally worth it! If you caught us with Tylor Dory Trio this last weekend, you got to see what was in our opinion our best played show yet. And in a couple more weeks, we get to play with the mighty Ninjaspy! We got interview by Absolute Underground as well, so its getting exciting for us, and I'm pretty proud of the interest that is starting to build.

Hopefully we can get his record out and into yours ears in a decent amount of time, but we will take all the time it takes to do it right!

If you're curious to see some of the other teaser videos, check out our channel here.

Until next time,

Cory Bosse
Sleeping in Traffic