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The concept behind the album “Feminism” is essentially an introduction and an invitation to this social movement. We are aware that many people do not know what it means, or have misunderstood its greater purpose, and it is our hope to shed some manner of light on this. Feminism is, at its core, an attempt to improve the lives of other people through awareness and acceptance of different races, genders, abilities, and sexualities; and to consequently invoke a change in our attitudes and our actions. The lyrics throughout the album are designed to use our platform and our privilege to reach out to our listeners, and encourage them to take part in this movement to improve the wellbeing of others.

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The Band 
Cory Bosse - Vocals, Saxophone, Keys, Synth 
Greg Turner - Guitar 
Ryan Berehulke - Bass 
Andrew Bateman - Drums 

Lara Tang - Vocal Harmonies 

The Horn Section 
Josh Agar - Trumpets 
Sarah Masters - Tenor sax 

Gang Vocal Recruits 
Devon Noir 
Lara Tang 
Graham Charles 
Justin Sturek 
Rory Turner 
Beth Olivier 
Daniel Outhet 
Sarah J Culkin 
Clay Swanson 

All songs written and produced by Sleeping In Traffic 
Recorded and mixed by Ryan Berehulke and Cory Bosse at Sonolith Studio 
Gang vocals and reamping recorded at The Audio Department 
Drums and horns recorded at Two Bodies of Water Productions 
All other instruments recorded at Sonolith Studio 
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC 
Artwork by Serena Olivier 
Band photos by Dana Zuk Photography 

This album would not have been possible without: 
-Sarah J Culkin and Devon Noir for enormous help with lyrics and lyrical content! 
-Terry Tran from The Audio Department 
-James Seabrook from Two Bodies of Water (for the nail clippers!) 
-Daniel Outhet for use of the Rhodes piano 
-Justin Mclean for use of the Hammond organ 
-Our parents and fans for unending support! 
Thank you all so much! 

We welcome discussion and dialogue regarding the concepts presented in this album! 

Sleeping In Traffic

Sleeping In Traffic

Released November 29, 2014

Produced by Sleeping In Traffic Recorded by Ryan Berehulke and Cory Bosse @ Sonoluminescent Sound Mixed by Ryan Berehulke Mastered by Stew Kirkwood @ Sound Extractor Logo Design by Taylor Schaerer Album Cover by Veiled Minds Design

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