From the recording Feminism


What if all we knew was wrong?
Raised to believe violence was the norm
Question all reactions ingrained
Ignored, the cycle self-perpetuates

Make conscious action to change
Recognize the power of words
To shape the perceptions we hold
And find a better way!

If we hope to revolutionize
We must dismantle all comforting lies
Supremacy must fall beside the way
Denial gets us nowhere. One day
maybe we can say our work is done
Until that day we must press ever on
Inequity may never disappear
Do not dishearten faced with the sheer
Magnitude of all that’s left to solve
Stay dedicated, slowly minds evolve

If you have heard me out,
Know ideas must unfold
Into acts which form the norm.
Complacency, our foe

I make conscious action to change
I recognize the power of words
Those who can’t be bothered to aid
Can stay out of the way!